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OUR MISSION is to provide industry leading credit repair and award winning customer service at an affordable price to help consumers restore their credit and build strong credit foundations upon which they can achieve their financial goals and​ move toward the best possible future.

Merit Credit Solutions is the highest rated credit repair company in the low country. We have helped hundreds of clients increase their credit scores from 75-200 points within a short time-frame.

We specialize in helping people to achieve their goals. We take the time to learn every client rand what really matters to you. We know that people are typically motivated to improve their score because they essentially want better for themselves, their families, and their legacy.

A credit score and a credit report is an essential tool for life. Ensuring that it reflects you in the best way gives access and freedom to the luxuries that life offers.

We can only truly help you when we know what fuels your 700 credit score dreams. Once we are invested then you now have a partner and you don’t have to go at it alone.

Anetra Smalls -Founder

While many people strive to acquire more money and material things, she’s focused on creating generational wealth. As a highly sought after speaker and finance-preneur, Anetra Smalls has helped hundreds repair their personal credit—enabling many of them to birth their own businesses and build business credit wealth. Known as “The Six-Figure Credit Coach” to many, this “Millionaire Mom” is passionate about helping single mothers eliminate debt as they establish credit health—using what’s in their hands to prosper and soar above the societal norms.

After struggling financially for years and experiencing bad credit card debt firsthand, Anetra knows all too well what it’s like to have others give up on you—leaving you to figure out finances—and life in general—on your own. Vowing to herself that she would never be in that vulnerable place again, she not only used every piece of information she received to restore her credit—but she shared her journey transparently, which led to the establishment of her business, Merit Credit Solutions

Merit Credit Solutions is a company created during Anetra's very own hardship and at the time, she had no clue that her journey to financial empowerment would open doors to help others avoid the very pitfalls she was fortunate to dig herself out of.  

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We work with the 3 Credit Reporting Agencies to improve 

your credit score to help you have a better quality of life.